Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hidden Tunnels, Disused Tube Stations of London

The network of tunnels below London is an ongoing line of interest.There is this maze of dark passageways,disused tube stations,rooms,bunkers (apparently government ones with names like Icarus that lie deep below Westminster).There are rumours of entrances to these tunnel systems at the base of bodiceas statue which runs to Blackfriars then to the Bank of England and a disguised trap door next to the Half Price ticket store in Leicester Sq which goes down to an electricity sub-station.In the 1980s a journalist for The New Statesmen descended 100 feet from an access shaft on a traffic island in Bethnal Green to a government bunker with his folding bicycle that stretched all the way to Whitehall and then split to go to Waterloo(under the river), Fleet St, Leicester Sq and the Post Office Tower.
photos-Nick Catford

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